Minimum R30 Service & Delivery charge.


RS delivers to homes, offices, or
anyone in the geographic area:

The RS shop offers 500+ basic household items that are frequently purchased or emergency items, groceries, pharma,pets,braai, restaurant take out, fruit and veg all in one sakkie !

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About Room Service

About Room Service.

Basics in powerpoint format: .

  • Best prices
  • Fast delivery
  • Aim to direct supply farm to kitchen / producer to consumer
  • Build and support communities and their businesses
  • Create jobs
  • We’re not 247 yet (as we go we will grow)

One long sentence:

RS is the community based marketing, ecommerce and superfast delivery service that aims to facilitate direct supply between producers and consumers at the best prices viable, through which job opportunities are created and initiatives supported.

To find out more, why don’t you ask us a question on Facebook and orInstagram? We’d love to hear from you.

Our story:

RS was born when a drone flew over our heads without delivering any groceries.

That immediately begged the question, why don’t we get stuff delivered that’s so close to us?

We jumped in to build a platform that allows local businesses to market, sell and deliver their goods to the people that drive by them every day. And to those who don’t want to drive by them, per se.

What evolved, was this new thing, that everybody wonders: WHERE WERE YOU?

Relax. We are here now. We are here to serve you, your community and your businesses.

We are freshly born, so please give us some grace as we work through the teething pains of helping you get what you eventually want.

Our plan is to expand into all areas of this beautiful country, including the non-urban areas. We love all of you.

Our dream is to let you eat fresh food directly from a farmer or kitchen that you know. If you know of small-scale farming operations, please ask them to give us a buzz so we can see how we can link them to this market. In that way, we give more of the value chain markup to the producer.

By connecting producers and consumers, and helping both express what they have to give or wish for, the opportunities for them to get what they want are made possible like it used to be when we still talked to our neighbours.

Then again, there’s the premium on convenience. We get that. In fact, we do everything in our ability to give you as much convenience as we can. You should soon see how we offer reliable concierge on demand.

We love and respect every member of our team. If you give us a chance, we will prove we love you too.

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We’re always working to improve RS for you and will gladly hear from you, and how you want to become involved in this initiative.